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  Vinzavody   (38453 Hits)

  Brick brick-works   (34881 Hits)

  Sugar: manufacture, sale. Sugar factories   (33247 Hits)

  Colleges and technical schools. Study   (29420 Hits)

  Professional schools - the TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE   (27290 Hits)

Recent Listings

   - Russia, Krasnodar region, .



   - Russia, Krasnodar region, .



   - Russia, Krasnodar region, .



   - Russia, Krasnodar region, .



   - Russia, Krasnodar region, .



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About the catalog

catalog is very easy to use, as customers who post information about your organization or company, and for visitors who are looking for information about the specific products or services.
The ultimate goal is for clients to their company was found and all information was presented to the visitor. Customers, in turn, can get a complete list of all organizations meet their request. Here's the secret. Need to attract clients to his firm was found first, and the visitor has expressed interest in his company.

In order to achieve maximum results in an advertising company in the directory should be the most effective use of all of the properties directory.

Let's give some advice to clients directory.
Catalog allows you to upload your company logo. Perhaps the visitor saw somewhere and have your logo remembers your brand.

Description of the organization should be brief but as informative as possible. The visitor should get the description of all the information about your business. Contact information should be the most complete, select all the possible ways in which the visitor can contact you. Do not think that such an attribute, like ICQ could be of no interest to the visitor, however, may be the best way for him to get in touch with you or your salespeople. Important is a link to a web site, or at least a page of your partners or suppliers.

Catalog allows you to create price lists of products or services with the ability to display photos. Be sure to fill in the price list of your products or services. The visitor is able to visually assess your proposal. Besides creating a price list, catalog allows you to create image galleries. Put back the best prices. As they say, better than a picture is worth a thousand words 100.

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When you register in the directory, your organization gets to the "new company" with a brief description that appear on all pages of the catalog. As new clients lost their positions, and they eventually disappear from the section and found them to be either a local search engine, or browsing the categories and sections by hand.

Five firms with a maximum attendance of your account and have a maximum rating of catalog are the five "top firms" also located on all pages of the catalog, which further increases their ratings.
get into the top five, also allows the advertising company in the form of banners.

catalog gives detailed statistics: the number of hits your account, the number of clicks on the link to your site, banner impressions, clicks on banners, CTR banners, comments and evaluation of visitors who have left.

After analyzing this information, you can more effectively use catalog of all the possibilities.

Top Listings

  Gruppa WINTASS - Russia

  Production of metalplastic designs, windows, doors from the profiles REHAU, KBE, VEKA. Aluminum designs and front systems from the profiles Alumil, Al

  (69847 Hits since02-08-2013)

  Stamp workshop Stamp 123 - Russia

  Production of the press and stamps of any complexity, restoration on a print, the facsimile a method of a laser engraving. Production of information

  (57794 Hits since10-21-2013)



  (133318 Hits since09-26-2012)

  Kuban`Roskabel`, Open Company PKF - Russia

  Kuban`Roskabel`, Open Company PKF, - Light engineering Krasnodar territory

  (45720 Hits since11-03-2011)

  JSC Tranzitkomplektation - Russia

  The wholesale organization prodayetpogruzchik frontalnyeekskavator the pogruzchikinavesny equipment (a pitchfork cargo, a pitchfork with a clip, dumps

  (25297 Hits since09-09-2014)

Products and Services

Упаковочное решение
Vozdushno bubbly film packing
Vozdushno - puzyr`kovaya (puzyrchataya) plenka, obladaya nizkoi` stoimost`yu, imeet ryad suschestven ...

Штемпельная мастерская "Штамп 123"
The press on GRM equipment
The press simple GRM on equipment of 46040 hummer ...

Updated company

  " - Russia, Krasnodar region, .


  "ZETA Slavic open company - Russia, Krasnodar region, .

  ZETA Slavic open company, - Electrotechnical products Krasnodar Krai

  " - Russia, Krasnodar region, .


  "SuperPoligraf - Russia, Krasnodar region, .

  Tipografiya, ofsetnaya pechat` listovok, vizitok, bukletov, zhurnalov, otkrytok, kalendarei`, i t.d. Vyrubnye izdeliya, hengery. SHirokoformatnaya pec

  " - Russia, Krasnodar region, .


Exhibition and Sale

PITOMNIK KOSHEK My ochen` rady videt` Vas na stranicah nashego pitomnika. Oficial`no pitomnik brita ...

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