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   - Russia, Krasnodar region, .



   - Russia, Krasnodar region, .



   - Russia, Krasnodar region, .



   - Russia, Krasnodar region, .



   - Russia, Krasnodar region, .



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Help service Krasnodar and the Krasnodar Territory
350080, Russia, Krasnodar region, , city Krasndar,Str. Aivazovsky 104/1
time: Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-17:30
+7 (861) 299-02-62 +7 (903) 449-66-68

Sobranie, г. Краснодар, ул. Красная, 88 Краснодар 8(861)253-05-79

Rating organizations and companies. TOP20
2 Gruppa WINTASS 827
3 Stamp workshop Stamp 123 680
4 JSC Tranzitkomplektation 486
5 JSC Spektr 449
6 Anchous 406
7 Kuban`Roskabel`, Open Company PKF 387
8 Architecture & amp; engineering of groups, design bureau, Sochi 348
9 Open company sun 347
10 JSC Shans Construction company 340
11 Velveteen, photoepilation salon 313
12 Open Company Euro-container 306
13 Sobranie, magazin 283
14 Bjuti tehnolodzi, photoepilation salon 283
15 firm of Elite Massif 250
16 To Shtoll 250
17 Open Company TransAvtoTeh 240
18 SARBTI of open company Krasnodar, st. on May 1, 338 239
19 Stolyarnyi` ceh v Kropotkine Gul`kevichi 8(918)121-72-75 234
20 SAMYLIN I.V., SP 233
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* The second indicator is theevaluation of the company. Rate this company can be of any visitor to the directory when you view an account of the organization. The higher the score, the higher the rating for the same figures show the organization.

The organization scored the same number of hits with another organization, but has any evaluation (even worst), the ranking will be higher than the organization has no estimate.

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Top Listings



  (140650 Hits since09-26-2012)

  Gruppa WINTASS - Russia

  Production of metalplastic designs, windows, doors from the profiles REHAU, KBE, VEKA. Aluminum designs and front systems from the profiles Alumil, Al

  (65830 Hits since02-08-2013)

  Stamp workshop Stamp 123 - Russia

  Production of the press and stamps of any complexity, restoration on a print, the facsimile a method of a laser engraving. Production of information

  (54296 Hits since10-21-2013)

  JSC Tranzitkomplektation - Russia

  The wholesale organization prodayetpogruzchik frontalnyeekskavator the pogruzchikinavesny equipment (a pitchfork cargo, a pitchfork with a clip, dumps

  (22922 Hits since09-09-2014)

  JSC Spektr - Russia

  Spektr-Pak yavlyaetsya veduschim proizvoditelem upakovochnoi` plenki na YUge Rossii (Rostov, Krasnodar, Stavropol`, Volgograd) i specializiruetsya na

  (43249 Hits since04-23-2013)

Products and Services

Tape painting the increased density (HD) 13MM/50 of m
Tape painting for kartrizhy matrix Epson DFX printers. Available all standard sizes of a painting ta ...

Repair, finishing works of apartments, turnkey houses
We carry out qualitatively apartment renovation, houses, finishing works, a glazing of windows, balc ...

Updated company

  "ZETA Slavic open company - Russia, Krasnodar region, .

  ZETA Slavic open company, - Electrotechnical products Krasnodar Krai

  " - Russia, Krasnodar region, .


  "SuperPoligraf - Russia, Krasnodar region, .

  Tipografiya, ofsetnaya pechat` listovok, vizitok, bukletov, zhurnalov, otkrytok, kalendarei`, i t.d. Vyrubnye izdeliya, hengery. SHirokoformatnaya pec

  " - Russia, Krasnodar region, .


  " - Russia, Krasnodar region, .


Exhibition and Sale

Sobranie, magazin
Model` vesennei` kollekcii magazina SOBRANIE
Novinki vesennei` kollekcii v magazine SOBRANIE ...

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