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Help service Krasnodar and the Krasnodar Territory
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time: Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-17:30
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The aviation technics

Buses and minibuses: sale, rent, the order

Autospare parts auto chemical goods, autocosmetics, auto accessories

Auto sound of the autoalarm system and anticreeping means satellite navigation

Autoconditioners and automobile refrigerating machinery

Automation of the enterprises, working out of programs

The automated control systems

Automobile oils and liquids

Motor shows - sale of cars

Autoglasses - sale, repair, toning

Autoinsurance, estimation and examination



Autotyres autodisks



Real estate agencies - realtors

Agrofirms versatile

Agrochemistry, protection frames of plants. Mineral fertilizers

Lawyers, a legal aid and consultations

Administrations of cities and areas -



Accumulators storage batteries

Alcoholic drinks

Aerials television, satellite aerials - installation, adjustment

Anticorrosive protection of coverings and constructions Krasnodar territory




Asbesto-technical products


Attractions, the park equipment - manufacturing, sale, repair

Auditor services

Balconies and loggias - a glass cover

Baths and saunas

The bank equipment

Pools: swimming pools

Batteries, food elements

Soft drinks, mineral water, juice, kvass - manufacture, sale

Safety, protection frames, trackings. Satellite security and monitoring systems

Linen female, man`s


Hospitals: the stationary medical centers


Paper toilet, napkins - manufacture, wholesale

Paper, paper technical, a cardboard - manufacture, sale

Chisel and explosive works

Accounting services

Bureau of technical inventory

Ventilated facades, front systems

Ventilating systems and the equipment

Ropes, threads, ropes, strings, twine - manufacture, sale

Scales and the weight equipment

Veterinary science and selection of animals


External economic, agency, forwarding, syrveierskie the organizations

Water management

Plumbing and sanitary the equipment for plumbing and sanitary

Military commissariats, bodies of military administration

Gate automatic and barriers

Secondary resources, raw materials


High-rise civil work, industrial mountaineering

Newspapers: editions of newspapers and magazines

Gazoballonnaja equipment - installation, service, repair

Gas cookers - manufacture, sale

Notions products - manufacture, sale

Garages - manufacturing, installation, sale

Geodesy and cartography

Prospecting, geophysical works

The hydraulic equipment and mechanisms

Gidro - and teploizolycionnye works


Hydraulic engineering building


the city of Krasnodar Region


Guest houses private hotels

Hotels and hotels

Granite, marble



The load-lifting and transport equipment

Doors, door accessories - sale, manufacture

Palaces, recreation centers, clubs, the cultural centers

Disinfection, disinsection and sanitary processing


The woodworking equipment

Detective agencies

Baby food

The diagnostic centres: diagnostics and treatment

A dietary food

Design, registration of an interior


Additional education for schoolboys:

Roads - repair, building, an accomplishment

The Road-building equipment and the technician

Jalousie of Rollety

Railway transportation

Ferro-concrete products. ZBI

Tin food

The Housing-and-municipal enterprises


Legislature of the power

Locks: door, hinged, garage


Ground cadastre



Grain - purchase, sale

Granaries and jlevatory


Publishing houses

Inzhiniringovye services

Innovative activity

Foreign languages - training

Inspections and bodies of control

Tools professional

The Internet - services

The Internet: providers -

Information-news agencies

Information and help services


Cable production

Personnel agencies

Casino (a gambling zone "Azov-city")



Kanctovary a stationery

Cash registers. Scales trading the Kontrolno-cash equipment, a check tape

Cafe: cafe, cafeterias, bars, pizzerias

Ceramic tile a ceramic granite keramogranit

Kinovideoproizvodstvo, hire


Brick brick-works


Leather products

Colleges and technical schools. Study


The commissions medical

Complex service of the enterprises

The compressor equipment

Computer networks

Computers, accessories and office equipment

Confectionery. Confectionery factories

Conditioners in cities: sale, installation, repair


Consulting services

Canned food canneries conservation of foodstuff

Concert halls

Forage and accessories for animals

Cosmetics, perfumery

Cosmetology services

Coffee, tea

Fixture, hardware

Roofing works

Roof: roofing materials

Kitchen furniture

The labware and materials

Varnishes and paints

Ice arenas, skating rinks




Foundry manufacture

The literature specialized

Lifts - maintenance service

Boats, boats, yachts, motors


Marketing services

Oils vegetative


The medical centers


Metal doors, lattices - manufacturing, installation

Hardware - sale, manufacture, repair


Scrap metal: purchase and sale of a breakage color and ferrous metals

Metalloplastikovyj profile - manufacture, sale

Metal rolling, metallurgy black

Metallurgy color

Furs and fur products

Modeling agencies

Milk and dairy products. Cheeses

The dairy industry - the equipment

Ice-cream, production hladokombinatov

Sea transport. The navigable companies

Bridges, overpasses, tunnels - building, repair and maintenance service

Motorcycles scooters, mopeds, bicycles - sale


Flour, groats, bran

The meat industry - the equipment


Floor coverings carpets, linoleum


Pumps and the pump equipment

The Research and design organizations

Nonmetallic building materials

Nonwoven materials

Notaries notarial services

Night clubs

Dinners in office

Wall-paper - manufacture, sale

Formation abroad

Footwear - tailoring, repair

Public organisations

Vegetables, fruit

Clothes, footwear, headdresses, accessories

Gardening and accomplishment, landscape design

Optics and ophthalmology

Nuts, dried fruits

Rest in the south of Russia: camp sites and bases of rest

Hunting and fishing

The hunting and fishing accessories

The security alarm system, security systems - sale, maintenance service, installation

Estimated services

Treatment facilities, systems of water purification, the water drain

Hairdresser`s accessories

Hairdressing salons, beauty salons

Parquet - manufacture, parquet sale

Recreation parks

Passport and visa services

Passenger autotransportations

Patent services. Protection of copyrights

Translators - services

The press and stamps - manufacturing

Beer. Beer factories

Pigments, dyes, additives for concrete

Pyrotechnics fireworks, salutes, petards

Potable water - delivery

Food raw materials. Food additives, dyes - manufacture, sale


Pendant and tension ceilings

Underwater and diving works


The fire alarm system, a protection frame and a firefighting - sale, installation

The polygraphic equipment and materials

Polymeric materials, plastic


Bedding - manufacture, sale

Ware disposable - manufacture, sale

Holidays, weddings, corporate actions: the organization and carrying out of weddings, holidays, picnics, solemn actions and korporativov


Instrument making and the control and measuring technics

Trailers semitrailers, the hook-on technics

Provolochno-gvozdilnye products

The software

Foodstuff - wholesale, retail, delivery, purchase

Works of art, awards, souvenir production, products of national crafts

Manufacture and sale of furniture

Hire of subjects of cultural and community appointment


Protezno-orthopedic products and footwear

Fire services

Professional schools - the TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE

Psychiatry. Hospitals psychiatric. Psychoneurological clinics

Beekeeping - the equipment

Radiating control



Radio engineering products. A radio-electronic complete set


Registration chambers

Rezinotehnichesky products


River transport

Ritual services, funeral accessories

Maternity hospitals, female consultations, gynecology



Fish: fish and seafood



The sanitary and heating equipment, armature

Sugar: manufacture, sale. Sugar factories

Wedding services and the goods

The welding equipment and materials




Agricultural machinery, agrotechnologies, logistics of the enterprises of agrarian and industrial complex

Seeds, saplings, sprouts

Warehouse services

The warehouse equipment

Dating services

Salt - the cooking and sea salt wholesale

Cellular communication - operators

The socially-psychological help and consultation

Special correctional schools

Overalls of means of individual defense SIZ

Help services

Satellite communication

Machine tools

Empties - manufacture


Joiner`s products

Stomatologic materials and technics

Stomatology, stomatologic polyclinics, the stomatologic centres

The building technics, the equipment and tools

Building of pools: projects and erection on a turn-key basis saunas, aquaparks, pools

Forensic medical examinations

Shipbuilding, ship repair


Tobacco, tobacco products


Customs services


Container and packing, marks of the goods and production, jtiketirovocnoe the equipment (automatic machines and expendable materials)

The creative unions

Theatrical suits and accessories


The textile industry - production

The television equipment and equipment

The telecommunication equipment

Telecommunication services, cable communication lines


Teploizolycionnye, sound-proof and pressurizing materials

Heating system - installation, operation, servicing

Printing houses: the polygraphic enterprises


Trading-intermediary services

Commercial and industrial chambers

The trading equipment

Trading pavilions, booths


Tramvajno-trolleybus depots

Trotuarnaja tile a stone blocks, a border

Pipes and pipeline armature

Travel agencies - rounds from

Cleaning of premises. A sink of windows, facades, industrial mountaineering

The harvest and washing equipment

Extension pieces, connectors, adapters - manufacture, sale

The educational centers and industrial complexes

Pharmaceutical preparations, herbs, biologically active additives and vitamins

Porcelain, faience, crystal

Federal structures and representations

Fitness. Fitness Clubs, gyms


Photographers: a photo for advertizing, polygraphies, celebrations

The photogoods

The photocenters, photographer`s studio: the press of photos, photoservices

The himiko-labware and materials

The chemical industry - production



The baking equipment


Household goods, ware

The refrigerating and freezing equipment

Art and decorative works

Flowers, ornamental plants

Cement: cement works, plaster


Private security enterprises CHOP: protection of objects, bodyguards

Hours - manufacture, sale

Garments - manufacture, sale

Sewing, knitting, embroidery machines, overloki, accessories

Schools of a grammar school and lycées: general educational educational institutions


Curtains of a curtain, portiere, a tulle

The ecological organisations

The express train mail express services

Extreme rest: parachute jumps...


Electric devices

Electrotools and the equipment - manufacture, repair

Electroassembly products, electroisolation

Electric equipment for building

Electrotechnical products

The Schuco Corona windows, assembly depth are 82 mmThe Schuco Corona windows, assembly depth are 82 mm The Schuco Corona windows, assembly depth are 82 mm (03-20-2019 | Sell)

Measurements, production and installation of windows, doors, balconies from the German profile of Shuko with assembly depth of 82 mm. Three contours of consolidation. The profile is made only in Germany and has 6 air cameras. Systems for production of blocks from PVC with an assembly depth of 82 mm provide excellent thermal insulation with the minimum width. It is ideal option in the conditions of the growing prices of energy and increased requirements to environmental friendliness of housing. Thanks to compatibility of Sch&amp systems; #252; you aren`t limited to co in a choice of a form of a window and color of cover.

Aluminum-wooden Perla windows, Italian aluminum Mixall windows, alyumoderevyanny windows of KrasnodAluminum-wooden Perla windows, Italian aluminum Mixall windows, alyumoderevyanny windows of Krasnod Aluminum-wooden Perla windows, Italian aluminum Mixall windows, alyumoderevyanny windows of Krasnod (03-20-2019 | Sell)

Izgotovlenie alyuminievo-derevyannyh okon i dverei` sistemy MIXALL (Italiya). Derevyannye nakladki iz natural`nogo massiva - dub, yasen`, ol`ha, oreh. Sistema PERLA s dvoi`nym termomostom 28 mm, special`no proektirovalas` dlya klimaticheskih uslovii` Pribaltiki, Belorussii i Rossii i dorabotana s uchetom opyta jekspluatacii v Rossii. Takzhe vozmozhna sborka razdvizhnoi` sistemy iz alyuminievo-derevyannyh profilei` serii Linea50S, kotoraya yavlyaetsya ideal`nym resheniem dlya srednih razmerov okon s razdvizhnymi stvorkami.

Brick the private M 150 Krasnodar from the producerBrick the private M 150 Krasnodar from the producer Brick the private M 150 Krasnodar from the producer (03-20-2019 | Sell)

Brick zabutovochny private. Excellent quality from a warehouse! We offer the wide range of construction materials and economy of your means. Delivery from a warehouse to Krasnodar is made by our motor transport. The price is specified without delivery and loading and unloading works.

Price 6
Brick New Kuban facing red brand 150 from the producerBrick New Kuban facing red brand 150 from the producer Brick New Kuban facing red brand 150 from the producer (03-20-2019 | Sell)

Pryamye postavki s zavoda proizvoditelya. Kirpich keramicheskii` Ryadovoi` pustotelyi` GOST 530-2007. Novokubanskii` kirpich proizvoditsya na ital`yanskoi` linii "UNIMORANDO" po ital`yanskoi` tehnologii. SHirokii` vybor kirpicha uluchshennogo kachestva rekomendovannogo dlya: stroitel`stva zdanii` povyshennoi` jetazhnosti, a takzhe v sei`smicheskih zonah. Dostavka s zavoda po Krasnodarskomu krayu osuschestvlyaetsya nashim avtotransportom. Ceny ukazany bez ucheta dostavki i pogruzochno-razgruzochnyh rabot. Dei`stvuet gibkaya sistema skidok.

Price 9.80
Mosquito grids window and door in KrasnodarMosquito grids window and door in Krasnodar Mosquito grids window and door in Krasnodar (03-20-2019 | Sell)

Mosquito grids window, door. Frame and rolled type, oar on loops, an anti-cat. Optimum price and quality. Color standard white and brown.

Protective rollety, rolling shutters protective, rollety Krasnodar, rolshtorProtective rollety, rolling shutters protective, rollety Krasnodar, rolshtor Protective rollety, rolling shutters protective, rollety Krasnodar, rolshtor (03-20-2019 | Sell)

Protection of windows and doors important advantage a rolling shutter, but not only it they are valuable, rolling shutters become popular, thanks to the rolling shutters can protect heat and noise isolations that leads to additional economy of heat, and good rest, besides from any bad weather of a rain, a wind, the hot sun, excess light.

Blinds Krasnodar, aluminum blinds, color blinds KrasnodarBlinds Krasnodar, aluminum blinds, color blinds Krasnodar Blinds Krasnodar, aluminum blinds, color blinds Krasnodar (03-20-2019 | Sell)

Aluminum horizontal blinds are covered with heat-resistant enamel that does them steady against temperature drops and to influence of sunshine. Possess magnificent strength characteristics, thanks to a special alloy of aluminum with the alloying additives. A variety of color schemes will allow to pick up the most suitable option for your interior.

Price 480
Wood-and-aluminum NEW TEC WOOD Krasnodar windowsWood-and-aluminum NEW TEC WOOD Krasnodar windows Wood-and-aluminum NEW TEC WOOD Krasnodar windows (03-20-2019 | Sell)

Specialized aluminum and wooden profile system of the Italian firm New Tec Group with a thermogap 24mm. At the heart of a design - the aluminum shape with decorative slips from the massif of a tree of different breeds. The inside of a design looks executed of a tree that creates additional comfort indoors. In order that the outer side also looked executed of a tree, the aluminum shape can be decorated under a tree.

Section garage gateSection garage gate Section garage gate (03-20-2019 | Sell)

Sekcionnye vorota izgotavlivayutsya individual`no i ispol`zuyut dlya zakrytiya vseh tipov proemov garazhei` chastnyh domov i kottedzhei`, proizvodstvennyh i skladskih pomeschenii`, torgovyh zalov.

Sekcionnye garazhnye vorota obladayut ryadom neosporimyh preimuschestv po sravneniyu s drugimi vidami vorot. Polotno sekcionnyh vorot dlya garazha sostoit iz neskol`kih sekcii`, podvizhno soedinennyh mezhdu soboi` s pomosch`yu stal`nyh petel`. Polotno sekcionnyh vorot predstavlyaet soboi` sjendvich: s vneshnih storon raspolozheny listy ocinkovannoi` stali, pokrytoi` poroshkovoi` kraskoi`, a vnutrennee prostranstvo zapolneno poliuritanom. Zanimaya v otkrytom polozhenii mesto pod potolkom, oni obespechivayut jekonomiyu poleznogo prostranstva pered garazhom i vnutri nego.

Sekcionnye vorota legko otkryvayutsya i zakryvayutsya vruchnuyu. Dlya udobstva pol`zovaniya vorotami vozmozhna ustanovka jelektroprivoda i distancionnogo upravleniya.

Sliding plastic windows, balconies, loggiasSliding plastic windows, balconies, loggias Sliding plastic windows, balconies, loggias (03-20-2019 | Sell)

Razdvizhnaya plastikovaya sistema okna mnogofunkcional`na i imeet neskol`ko variantov eyo konfiguracii: stvorki mogut otkryvat`sya v raznyh napravleniyah, kak vlevo, tak i vpravo. Esli okno imeet bol`shie i nestandartnye razmery, to mozhno ustanovit` vstrechno razdvizhnye okna.
Profil`naya sistema ideal`no podhodit dlya ostekleniya balkonov i lodzhii`. Stvorki sistemy peremeschayutsya parallel`no drug drugu analogichno konstrukcii alyuminievoi` ramy ili shkafa kupe. Osnovnymi preimuschestvami izdelii` sistemy yavlyayutsya: Razdvizhnaya konstrukciya jekonomit poleznuyu ploschad` na balkone, po sravneniyu s raspashnoi`. Isklyuchaet promerzanie balkonnyh jelementov. Armirovanie ocinkovoi` armaturoi`. Rovnaya gladkaya poverhnost`. Ne nuzhdaetsya v pokraske ili kakom-libo special`nom uhode. JElegantnyi` dizai`n.

Price 2500
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Products and Services

Евро-Тара ИП,  Крымский р-он, х. Адагум, ул. Полевая 1  8-9883224989
Equipment Corali for production of wooden euro a box.
Equipment Corali for production of wooden euro a box. We sell, we repair, we deliver new spare parts ...
1 $

Beauty Technology, салон аппаратной косметологии, г.Краснодар, М.Горького ул., (861) 244-30-50
Photoepilation of legs in Krasnodar!
Bezboleznenno, kachestvenno, dostupno!
Stoimost` 1 seansa fotojepilyacii:
Usiki – 350 rub.
1800 руб.

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  " - Russia, Krasnodar region, .


  "ZETA Slavic open company - Russia, Krasnodar region, .

  ZETA Slavic open company, - Electrotechnical products Krasnodar Krai

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  Tipografiya, ofsetnaya pechat` listovok, vizitok, bukletov, zhurnalov, otkrytok, kalendarei`, i t.d. Vyrubnye izdeliya, hengery. SHirokoformatnaya pec

  " - Russia, Krasnodar region, .


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DIPLINE – jeto unikal`naya v mirovoi` praktike tehnologiya arhitekturnogo i dizai`nerskogo osveschen ...

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